Why JJ Ignotz?

Secret proposals are the best! To the grooms out there who are thoughtful enough to plan out your proposal with a photographer—hats off you to!

Together, we'll pick the day, time, and location. I scout ahead of time and figure out the best place for you to ask the question so I can get the best shot... think stealthy recon mission!

Nothing brings me more joy than experiencing your true happiness.



You Might Wonder...

How much does it cost?

$350. It is a 1 hour package. It includes: scouting, communicating with you and documenting the proposal and then a 30 minute mini portrait session right after.

Will you travel?

I am located in lower Manhattan, and have been known to travel to outter burrows or within a 10 mile radius of the city.

What will I receive?

Your images will be delivered within one week in a fully customizable gallery site with image downloading and printing capabilities.



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