wedding day questionnaire


Hello Lovely People,

We are nearly there!!! I hope you are getting excited as I am. As the countdown begins, I would love if you could fill out the following questionnaire so we are on the same page with everything and I can have ample information for the day of and for delivery and posting of images.

I know that it is lengthy, but I assure you that answering this questionnaire will help our creative team be completely prepped for your big day! Once we receive your questionnaire, we will send you a follow up e-mail to confirm all of the information that you have provided. Thank you so much! 

Bride's Information
Or Groom 1 of 2
Cell Number *
Cell Number
Groom's Information
Or Bride 2 of 2
Cell Number *
Cell Number
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
What will your mailing address be AFTER the wedding?
Wedding Day Information
Information I'll need for the wedding day.
Getting Ready Address *
Getting Ready Address
Ceremony Address *
Ceremony Address
Reception Address *
Reception Address
Vendor Information
Since I am photographing all of your vendors beautiful work it helps me to be able to give credit where credit is due! Please fill in all that apply.
Name, Instagram Handle and/or Website
Officiant, Artisans, Musicians etc.